• Dowson’s Ice Cream

    From humble beginnings years ago when we created the first few pots of vanilla ice cream on the family farm, we have been focused on creating a quality product with honest ingredients. Our approach is based on using ‘the real thing’ instead of artificial flavourings to create a product that tastes great. As a family, we are all ice cream fanatics and we all have an input when developing new flavours. We enjoy playing around with new flavours and ingredients, and we enjoy eating what we produce. Also we avoid any short-cuts.

  • The Nowt Poncy Food Company

    There is nothing quite like reproducing the flavours of far-off places you have visited when you’re back at home. It brings back so many memories of aromas, places visited and, of course, the local food. For us, it has to be simple and delicious. We want it to be authentic, like the locals make it – nutritious, without nasty preservatives, as healthy as possible and we don’t want to spend hours preparing it either. Just open it up, stick it in a pan, heat it and add to our favourite pasta or ingredients. We want all the family to be

  • Riverford Organic

    We’re mad about veg – it’s at the core of everything we do. We’ve been growing it since 1987 and offer all sorts of veg, fruit; grass fed organic meat and more, fresh from our farm, delivered free to your door. Everything we grow and sell is organic. Come and live life on the veg with us.

  • RSPB

    Since we started on our mission in 1889, the threats to nature have continued to grow, but we have grown to meet them too. We’re now the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservation, forging powerful new partnerships with other organisations and inspiring others to stand up and give nature the home it deserves.

  • Wildlife Trust for Lancashire

    The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside is your local wildlife charity, working to protect wildlife and nature for the future. We are a key voice for nature, both locally and nationally. We manage reserves, deliver specialist projects and have a people and wildlife team engaging people in sustainable living and conservation from the very young to the retired. We don’t receive any direct government funding, so our members support is crucial.

  • Simply Puds & Sandhams Cheese

    Our cheeses have continued to evolve and develop over time to meet the demands of the market. And while we understand that customer tastes change over time we also believe that above all else customers expect consistent quality. This is why JJ Sandham continues to make all its cheeses by hand using traditional recipes. Over the recent years JJ Sandham has seen significant investment in its production facilities recently building a modern smoke house to further extend the range of JJ Sandham’s smoked dairy products and to offer contract smoking to other local dairy producers. JJ Sandham is a family

  • Johnson & Swarbrick

    Johnson & Swarbrick, established in 1985, are the UK’s foremost poultry producer. A family owned and operated business, whose motto is ‘a happy bird is a tasty bird’. Their famous cornfed Goosnargh chicken and duck is supplied to the finest chefs around the country including Nigel Howarth of Northcote Manor, Mark Hix of Hix Restaurants, Chris and Jeff Galvin of Galvin Restaurants and Sydney Aldridge of Fortnum and Mason; confirming the quality of the poultry is second to none.

  • Lakeland Mues

    We’re committed to crafting recipes harnessing the very best of Mother Nature’s efforts. Our well established blends boast a plethora of seeds, nuts and cereals all toasted with just enough honey to tantalize your palate and leave you draining those final dregs of milk. We’ll entrust the sweetness to the fruit. Whether it be punchy cranberries, delightfully chewy mango or a perfectly morish bite of banana we’re confident a bowl of Lakeland Mues will provide a flavour-fest as alluring as the fells themselves.

  • Kelly’s Kitchen

    I’ve been lucky enough to have a successful catering business for over a decade now, delivering high quality food to my clients all over the North West. Kelly’s Kitchen produces fine international cuisine, as well as traditional British dining experiences. Kelly caters outside events and can even bring a fabulous team to cook huge paellas, dozens of fajitas, and world class pie and pea suppers. As well as cooking, traveling is her passion, and she has visited far-flung places to build on her foody knowledge and to make the ingredients amazing for her clients. She’s appeared on telly and has

  • Batch Gin

    “Hand crafted” has become one of those go-to, catch-all terms; it’s a phrase so widely-used that it has rarely any meaning at all, because it pertains to all manner of production and all kinds of makers. Lancashire brand Batch Gin, however, are so involved in every step of their production that to call them anything other than small batch or hand crafted would be to do them a disservice.

  • Jeni’s Brownies

    Jeni is a self-taught baker, she began her baking career in 2012 with Jeni’s Cupcakes and started to frequent local farmers markets and food festivals. She then, due to popular demand, progressed to birthday and wedding cakes and has never looked back! All the Brownies are lovingly made in our country kitchen using only the finest and locally sourced ingredients, including fair trade products and free range eggs whenever possible.

  • Barrica Wines

    Independent Wine Merchant, Ribble Vallery, Lancashire. Barrica Wines is an independent wine retailer based at Huntley’s Country Stores and we are extremely proud that they were awarded the National title of 2010 UK Independent Wine Retailer of the Year and won the 2013 Customer Service EVA Award.

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