Love Is Churros

We are a husband and wife team fanatic about producing authentic Spanish Churros and Chocolate, we import our churros flour and our Hot Chocolate Valor Cao directly from Spain.

Based in Clitheroe, Lancashire we tour the country at markets, food festivals and events all year round. Trading from our converted vintage horse box restored and beautifully painted in red and yellow we really stand out at large events. We are proud to be British Street Food Award finalists and extremely passionate about producing the best Churros in the UK.

As we make all our dough freshly onsite, continually throughout the day, we have kept our menu simple: Churros with Cinnamon Sugar and a Pot of Hot Chocolate Dipping Sauce. We also offer soft drinks. The method we use of manually piping the churros batter into our large fryer provides customers with a real show along with the delicious smells you experience from live cooking.

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