With a heritage of six generations of Russian baking knowledge, my business, The Russian Food Company Limited, based in the UK, has created a multi-award winning 21st century version of the piroshki. Each pie is hand-crafted to suit the taste and ingredient preferences of today’s healthy eaters.

The history of my enterprise goes back to my family’s business started in the 1800’s in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now in Sheffield, I have revived six generations of old fashioned baking knowledge.

My dough recipe is at least 150 years old and like then I don’t use anything other than traditionally milled flours without the addition of junk ! Also I buy ingredients from others in our area who also avoid the unnecessary contamination of their produce.

I use a minimum of mechanisation in the making of my hand-crafted Russian piroshki (pies). The results of this throwback to the old way of doing food serves me well.

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