Street Entertainment

The Comedy Waiters


This dinner service delight combines silent comedy and graceful slapstick to great effect. We begin with the odd plate flip or sculpted napkin until, with a flick of their bow-ties, our undercover comedians reveal their true colours to your food festival, city street or ambassador’s ball.

To a rousing soundtrack of all time classics, they evoke the genius of Morecambe and Wise and conjure adolescent admiration with a hilarious boyband homage. In the theatrical finale, rain cascades from umbrellas, with beautiful choreography performed to ‘Singing in the Rain’. Completely self contained, with a wheeled trolley ready to roll on any terrain, this act is versatile and utterly charming.

At Your Service


Walter the Waiter is always “At Your Service” and ready to please. Conjuring up feats and clever tricks with his many accoutrements, always poised to deliver plenty of fun. From the confines of his mobile serving station, he’ll command carrots to dance in front of your eyes, swing saturation around and around, manipulate champagne bottles as you have never seen, do things with spoons you can only dream of. You will never look at a waiter again in the same light, after an encounter with Walter.


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